Surface Professor

When it will be to teach the child to immerge makes to devagar so that it if does not scare and uses tricks it activity to be pleasant for it. The child has that if to accustom with the water to the few, then in first place the head must be wet of child to the pouquinhos and goes increasing when to feel that it is liking the diversion, to the end the water has that to remember a shower bath. (CRREA & MASSAUD, 2004). For the learning of the child the necessary professor to teach the breath and when to sink the head in the water needs a command said for the professor, an example is the word? he goes? , therefore the professor is to the end pronounces of the word remains with the closed mouth in the end and with this the child also will go to remain with the closed mouth and she will not thus go to swallow water, but if it to prefer to use the celebrity? one, two, three? he will not be able to pronounce already, therefore the child sinks here of open mouth and consequentemente she will go to swallow water.

The author says despite in this A stage the child tent to search challenges and intends surpasses them, normally the child dives for curiosity or by means of the imitation of some colleague or of the proper professor and this knowledge if he becomes pleasant for it, to stimulate the child to the learning of the immersion, exists one trick that is to pass between the bambols or for of low of the legs of the professor and the too much colleagues of group. Passing to the phase of the fluctuation the professor it must teach to the child the movement that will be made playing, therefore thus it loses the fear. The procedure of the professor is here to ask for child to it to be of belly for top (ventral decubitus) and to say it to lie down on the water and to relax, case the child has difficulty uses supports as bambol or still the arms of the professor to give to balance and the body to be on the water.

The fluctuation can be made by two types to float part of the body or the entire body. The made exercise to float part of the body, the professor asks for so that the children form one circulate and of given hands they are with the body rente the water, or in pairs with it I assist of the professor they hold in its arms to be able to have the stability, already to the fluctuation of entire body the professor can hold the head of the child in the surface of the water while it will be lying. The displacement phase it has beginning in the hour where the learning of the nados ones starts and them they will have that to be worked in all the direction and dire.