Retired Pensioner

Good, we would say in a spoken language colloquial, now, with the smaller level of abstraction than it is to us possible, we are going to describe to a luck of profile or landlord of these slumses. Profile that on the other hand also exists in the slumses superiors to the selected magnitude. In our routes by the towns, we have done particularly it with but intensity and frequency by those of the calls Pampas " hmeda" and " Gringa" , we have seen that all at least have a public place; a railway station (the majority deactivated) and with its facilities in increasing form recycled like cultural centers in charge of the Municipalities; small terminal stations of omnibus; more than a primary school; a secondary school; the Municipality; a small hospital health center; a catholic temple, and temples (several of the calls noncatholic Christian churches; almost always but of a social and sport club (many of these authentic clubs communitarian lungs have become mutuales), at least a cooperative or two: the one of services public and the farming one; a rural police station. In many towns they exist deactivated the facilities of the societies of mutual aids that the immigrants of the different origins organized; as we advanced before it, a Popular Library; and not in all the towns, some grouping of Boys Scouts, as well as " meritorious body of Voluntarios&quot Firemen;. The television by cable arrives at those establishments, independently that to them the open television arrives. The same happens with the modulated broadcasting of amplitude. It is very difficult to arrive at a town that already does not have at least one radio of modulated Frequency. When one " curiosea" , in the life of these small communities, it observes that they appear the scholastic cooperators, of the hospitals and the police stations. The Retired Pensioner and Centers are infaltables.