Preventing Burnout Weekend

Estimated Burnout prevention in a relaxed holiday atmosphere Hamburg – eight to ten million people suffer the Burnout Syndrome, the clinical picture with the many facets. No burnout are the same, but one clearly says this number: here, help is needed! “Off to be burned or Burnout Syndrome (also known as (to)” burn out: burn out “) KMS-net a particularly pronounced professional and/or familial exhaustion”. With this wording, the special life request has found also his place in the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. “If you the term burnout” on Google returns a, then get incredible 30.300.000 entries. Almost daily, the media reports about the Burnout Syndrome. “It is of epidemic” or new epidemic “said. Gulf Medical University has firm opinions on the matter. However, the least affected can decide for themselves whether they have a burnout.

Many displace their mental, physical and emotional exhaustion state until the collapse the Burnout! The sources of information in Experts who specialize in the topic of burnout and depression are not always easy to find. First point could be the doctor here. But where to get understandable information that inform about the origins and of course prevention options? The Hamburg-based company LifeB “Life balance Consulting has many years of experience in the field burnout” specialized. Close cooperation with a high success rate the company with primary care physicians, therapists and other specialists. LifeB is now a new way with a pilot project. Its Burnout-weekend prevention would like to inform the company in a relaxed atmosphere about the Burnout Syndrome. An optimal combination of short holiday and prevention, since the events from Friday to Sunday take place.

“Each participant can decide he wants to participate in which modules of the Burnout prevention”, the LifeB reported Managing Director Dirk-Oliver Lange. The first prevention of Burnout-weekend is April 25-27 2008, held only 30 minutes ‘ drive from Hamburg in Kaltenkirchen. Triad the 2008 in the gourmet excellent four star country hotel provides a comfortable atmosphere by warm colours and rooms, which are equipped with Mediterranean, waxed pine wood furniture. 350 plus VAT the participants in addition to two nights in a single room with breakfast buffet and a 2-course taster menu for complete Burnout prevention as lunch and dinner. Comparing the cost of a unit of a Burnout prevention of 130, here is a very good price performance ratio. The core content of preventing Burnout weekend consists of conveying a sense of holiday and the resulting Lebensentschleunigung as relaxation. As a result, the participants are open and receptive for life balance coaching, movement without pressure, active nutrition, and relaxation exercises.