Coping with Negative Manifestations of Pregnancy

Experts say that there are some fears and anxieties that are inherent in virtually all pregnant women. Here are the most common ones, along with tips on how to cope with them. Fear for the welfare of the child. When child begins to move, get a map of its activity. Choose the time of the day when, according to your observations, the child is not sleeping and active, and count the number of movements within an hour. If within 12 hours you do not feel perturbation, see your doctor. But do not worry. Specifically, a study revealed that most women who do not feel fetal movements within 12 hours, successfully gave birth to healthy children.

If you do is concerned, ask you to do ultrasound – a harmless procedure, which allows us to observe the child in the womb. YOUR WORK. You may find that you have difficulty focus on working in certain periods of pregnancy, especially if you feel unwell. But observations have shown that most women can continue to work with the same performance. In breaks eat nutritious food and rest. However, there are some kinds of work, to carry out that in the last months of pregnancy can be difficult.

It primarily works requiring all time on their feet, raise gravity or walk down the stairs. Discuss this with your doctor. Also, check with your employer, excluded any possibility the impact on your toxic substances such as lead, or radiation. All hazardous substances must be labeled, employers are materials containing detailed information on the maximum permissible doses and safety. If you find that the terms of your work can adversely affect the fetus, you will not be able to continue working. Morning sickness. Most women suffering from nausea in the mornings, it helps if during the day, they eat a little something. Some rising in the morning, eat a few crackers or almonds, because on an empty stomach nauseous anymore. STRESS. Ask for help. Depending on what caused the stress, you can help the parents, psychologist or other pregnant woman who react sympathetically to your problems. Studies show that the more support a woman receives during pregnancy, the less it is subject to fears. The role of mother. There are hundreds of books will help you understand what you need to know and the mother. One of them, which is recommended by many experts, is called 'The measure of a good mother', its author – Bruno Bettlgeym. The mere name gives you realize that you do not have to be a mother, flawless in every respect. Enough to be a measure of a good mother. SEX. In some women during pregnancy sex drive disappears, although most women find that it grows. If interest to the sex you have decreased due to the fact that you're afraid to damage your unborn child, remember that the experience of others does not give any reason for concern, on the contrary, sex may contribute to a sense of well-being, because you feel a great affinity with her husband. Talk to your doctor about alternative positions during sex and other ways of expressing sexual feelings. If you have previously had a miscarriage or difficult the pregnancy, discuss your problems with your doctor