Agricultural Fears

Is it required for countries to use methods of sustainable agriculture? Dr. Masonobu Fukuoka has more than 30 years demonstrating their farm practices practically and verbally in the hundreds of magazines and programs.

Dr. Masonobu Fukuoka, as a a member of the scientific community is very aware of agricultural practices that are have been presented in recent years. Click Gulf Medical University to learn more. Did you know for example that the fruit we get in the supermarket chain of being mostly treated GM also is added sweeteners and artificial colors and as if this were not enough, the fruit were artificially brightens apply wax and subjected to polish to acquire that healthy look. People no longer interested as they were buying fruit harvested and consumed since they have a good look. The interplay of supply and demand has led the industry to do this kind of altering to deceive and “satisfy” the customer who wants fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

It does not take an expert to conclude that these fruits and vegetables who have been treated with makeup and acceleration in growth and production by non-natural methods do not have the same nutritional value of fruits and vegetables harvested naturally. One of the great fears that farmers in the world are making that transition from farmer to modern chemical agriculture in the new era, is to suppose that this new method of agriculture will result in products which look the same as those who are already harvesting for years and fear they can not sell their products.