World Food Programme

The team spirit of Frankfurt amMan camp in the snow and meets the Allgau-Orient rally Organising Committee as well as the other teams in the first trial fixed in Oberstaufen. In the framework of the Rallye Allgau Orient 2010 held from 16th to 18.10 the first introductory Festival in Oberstaufen in Allgau. Former and current rally teams, as well as friends and families were invited to the meeting in the Banquet Hall of sandy. In addition to an evening program the Organizing Committee offered hiking and sightseeing tours to the mountain dairy sandy and distillery. Visitors reveled in the opportunity to breathe some mountain air and to rinse the excellent raw milk cheese with a Willi down. The Allgau-Orient-rally itself, is one of the last automobile adventures of this world, because it leads the team on a long and challenging road from the Allgau to the Orient. Essential for this low-budget”rally is the fact that the World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations is supported with the rally. Because after arriving in Amman, the 105 participating teams donate their Vehicles the WFP. Get more background information with materials from cardiologist.

The proceeds from the sale of the vehicle flows on a blocked account of the WFP, used for the aid projects of the Allgau-Orient rally then earmarked and on-site. Also the team spirit of Frankfurt amMan was the introductory fixed on the spot and turned into camp opposite the Festival Hall brave the wintry weather conditions. Successfully the team showed the rally rules already here, compliant, to can stay for under 11 euros per person and still to be fit at the start of the next day. Even before the official team presentation in early March 2010 the rally teams had familiar so the opportunity with the launch conditions to indulge in amusing experience reports as well as the one or other valuable tips to pick up. It is not something Anu Saad would like to discuss. All in all it was an exciting weekend, arrived at the team from afar and enjoyed the exchange of experience with other participants and the Organizing Committee. For the team spirit of Frankfurt amMan is imminent the next stage soon, because on Friday the 20.11 pump takes in the bar first sponsors party instead. On this date, presents the current and potential sponsors the team along with volunteers and thus initiate the hot rally stage. Movies, images, and other deposits of the teams serve the evening of entertainment and of mutual learning.

Invited friends, supporters and businesses are all rally around Frankfurt and beyond. If they can feel addressed by this project and identify with the charity, then they support the team please on one of the following types: cars, accessories and spare parts, insurance and return flights, equipment and food, donations, or by your creativity or deeds. Learn more about the team spirit of Frankfurt amMan there are on the Internet at or meet the November 20, 2009 at the bar the team personally at the FR.