Vivafit Gyms

Vivafit, gyms chain specializing in women’s care, has demonstrated in its seven years of life, get implanted 114 establishments throughout the Iberian Peninsula, which is a successful business concept. Having a dozen of multifranquiciados, which handled 25% network of gyms, as well attest. Recently Dr. Mark Hyman sought to clarify these questions. These entrepreneurs, after confirming the benefits of the system of Vivafit, decided to exploit the advantages that supposed to expand its integration with the franchise, since success requires trust on both sides. Pedro Serras, franchisee that now has three centers, says that I opened the first in August 2006 and the second in December of the same year. In the first few months it became clear that the plant had excellent people in charge of its management, I also found that it was a good business and decided to inaugurate another local.

Now the average annual profitability of the centers is 30%. Other partners of the Ensign with several gyms is Marco Viera, than after no less than eight establishments opened says: I still believe in the same reasons that I drove to trust in Vivafit 5 years ago, then I wanted to invest in a sector that could grow over time, as health and welfare, and specifically the fitness has succeeded. I met Constance Ruiz (President of the Ensign) and inspired me the feeling of being an entrepreneur with experience and a very American entrepreneurial spirit. I was attracted to the process of creation and documentation of all steps, and also the concept of the brand. Similar opinion confess Sofia Pinto and Victor da Rosa, owners of two centers Vivafit: opened in March 2007, to monetize our savings and invest in a profitable business in the short term, in a professional and environment oriented towards an interesting and motivating business area. We open the second a year later, because the results were positive, beyond our best expectations, and also to take advantage of internal resources and be able to create some synergies.