Ulrich Koch

So bright light of the formation of the happiness hormone stimulates serotonin and stop the distribution of the tired making neurotransmitter melatonin. “” On cloudy, cloudy autumn and winter days, this looks different: during the dark half of the year, the brain makes more melatonin, which triggers an increased need for sleep and the body clock “among a winter depression sufferers on hibernation” is. At the same time, it comes to a lower production of serotonin, which otherwise provides for good mood by the lack of light. Mark Hyman, MD might disagree with that approach. People who are sensitive to these altered hormone metabolism, feel limp, energized up to a depressed mood. Light therapy brings life back into balance, it made sense for our ancestors to the rhythm of nature anzupassen and is in winter at scarce food supplies in hostile environmental conditions in a cave to withdraw, so that today suffers Quality of life significantly. A winter depression or a winter blues is more than just a temporary mood disorder and is associated with deep incisions in the lives of those affected: you feel overwhelmed quickly.

Social contacts are neglected. People retire, want to be left alone and spend time alone at home. Especially in professional life, they quickly reach their limits and feel not grown, the requirements although they perform the tasks in the summer months with links. To return the lives of those affected in the balance, recommend experts as a first line treatment therapy with a bright light. You compensate effectively, fast and virtually free of side effects to the existing lack of light.

A special lamp, a so-called light therapy device, which feels to the light spectrum of the Sun is used as light source. More information under light for the Seele.