Compliance with rights and obligations is the mantra that CARLiN direct sales, the leading franchise in our country of stationery and Office products, lie down and get up every day. A formula that does not work too bad judging by continuous drip of franchisees who are still adding to this recognized Ensign. Next to this good work mark also leads to strictly the philosophy of transparency since as explained Oscar Gil, Director of the Department legal Prosecutor of CARLIN, esa and not another is key when you have a good name in the sector. Transparency is essential in commercial relations, and more, in our case, where we always speak of long-term contractual relationships. Once he could lie to everyone but it is impossible to lie to everyone continuously, he explains.

To delve into the legal functioning of responsible said CARLIN answers to several questions. What is the mean time of the contracts of its franchisees? I would say that very high. Think that if you have the dedication to the franchise 18, the most important basis of our franchisees have the same duration. Our franchisees strengthen over time its franchise. In the case of CARLIN, does are governed by any specific standard depending on the type of contract signed a franchisee? The only difference that have our contracts among themselves are those relating to the object to which they relate. Therefore, we do not apply specific rules for each of them.

What are the legal obligations which have the franchisors? And what are those of its franchisees? With regard to our franchisees the list is extensive, and in addition to successive tract. Think that our work really begins with the signing of the contract. In terms of our franchisees, I think their greater and more important obligation is with themselves, I mean your commitment and constancy in the development of the activity.