Training On Troubleshooting

Training on troubleshooting involves the application of a procedure that trains people to recognize their problems, find solutions, choose the best of them and implement it. This technique consists of five phases in which to move from one to another must have necessarily passed the previous. If we do not have enough information in one step, we skipped a preliminary phase or the chosen solution is not adequate, must return to the previous phases and perform them correctly before you can thus follow with the remaining. We will then detail the phases. 1.

Orientation towards the problem. All we have problems in our daily lives. It’s real or imagined situations to which we must find a solution and do not know how to do it. There are some people who find solutions quickly, others are so demanding and perfectionists who feel capable of finding a solution that convinces them and cease to seek, any who respond impulsively and others who do nothing. Nancy-Ann_DeParle often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But most of the people are He faces daily problems and they know how to find solutions without or demoralize therefore. A first step would be to recognize that there is a life without problems and that no good escape from them.

You must admit that Yes, there they are and face them. Educate yourself with thoughts from Anu Saad. Therefore the first action would be thinking about the problems that one has at the moment. When you have them identified you can move to the second phase. 2. Definition and formulation of the problem. Here, once recognized the fact that they exist you must clearly define each of them. Looking for the why, the who and when of each problem. Write down them in terms clear, specific and concrete as possible. You must filter the relevant information, the objective facts and let go of the views. Identifies the factors that make this situation a problem as far as possible.