Time And Space

In this world that we live, the laws are invariant and in the truth they cannot be modified. The time and space for if dealing with a dimension that is beyond the imagination, in an imaginable one felt that it exceeds our philosophical knowledge it is impossible our mind to conceive this idea, exactly to the geniuses wisest of the land. The only way of if obtaining one travel pro future or last it is in a dimension spiritual. If you are not convinced, visit Susan Sher. As well as God in such a way it is in the past as in the future and in the eternity he is obvious that if the man to understand this mystery and if to go deep this mystery, certainly will arrive at a reasonable agreement. We see prophet even though to travel in the time and space and today, person to foresee future. It will be that this attitude it is not already a trip in the time.

(I believe that yes.). I believe that physically it is impossible, however I am probable that spiritual he is viable. We can travel in the time and already we cover many and many spaces, already we live many times and that this moment does not pass of plus a stage of our life. In the truth the future is only plus a step, and it already it is, alone there waiting for us and for they will reach that them. You can sleep and make its trip.