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Pain in the symphysis pubis (pubic area) and sacroiliac joint (felt in the hip and front of the thigh) is due to a slight softening of the ligaments caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy and hormone relaxin. Solution. Patience when the process becomes more palpable, especially at the 28-29 week. To help prepare for the birth of the joints can continue to eat seafood that are rich in essential fatty acids, they contribute to the development of relaxin. Edema may appear suddenly or gradually, by themselves or accompanied by "other evidence of late gestosis (protein in urine, high blood pressure). For more information see Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Identify them is quite simple – every morning and evening check, how easy is removed from the finger ring. Most often swelling in healthy pregnant women with no cardiovascular or renal disease, appear in the second half of pregnancy.

Usually first swollen feet, edema can then add arms, abdomen, face. The latter is particularly upsetting moms. Because on the face of the hardest swollen eyelids. This is due to the anatomical features of this area. There is a loose tissue, which is like a sponge, ready to hold liquid.

Solution. Cope with minor swelling helps to "cat pose" (Bozeman). Food should be insufficient salting, as the salt retains fluid in the body. During the day, allowed the use of salt to 8 g instead of the usual 12-15, the Exclude from the menu, spicy, spicy dishes, smoked. To cook better for a couple, you can also boil or simmer, but do not fry! Number of fluid intake during the second half of pregnancy should be no more than 1000-1200 ml per day. Important to strengthen the vascular wall and improve the flow of blood through the vessels. To do this, doctors prescribe vitamin and tools that strengthen blood vessels. By agreement with the attending doctor can drink herbal teas with diuretic properties. Diuretic drugs are prescribed only when edema, and then only briefly. Independently take this means you can not! Thrush According to statistics, 75-80 percent of future mothers are faced with this problem, even if before about candidiasis knew only by hearsay. Why this attack? With pregnancy the immune system, including local, reduced, and fungal microflora activated. Solution. Together with her husband after the course treatment (appoint a gynecologist). In the period of acute wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics, temporarily abstain from sex and eat a little sweet. Here are some of the most common problems in pregnancy women. Of course, this list could go on and on, because every woman, like every pregnancy – is unique.