The Skin

In order to achieve a noticeable effect of cosmetics is not enough. Ideally, a salon procedure involves more hardware and maintenance: cleaning, D'Arsonval, microcurrents ozone therapy, phonophoresis, etc. All of them are useful in their own way, and if you wish choose the best method specialist. However, the immediate effect to expect from the hardware techniques is not necessary. There are important systematic approach and regularity. It remains to hope for power and hand specialist quality cosmetics. So, if your skin is flaky and prone to allergies – to cleanse the limit to light gommazhem.

Agent from the skin absorbs everything unnecessary, and then beautician removes it massaged. If you are willing to smooth the surface of the skin, increase circulation and refresh your complexion, make a superficial peeling with a light solution of AHA acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric, citric). But always tell your doctor, so he chose a small concentration, as otherwise the skin may begin to peel off and you do not need it. Now need to saturate the skin with moisture. On the principle of "first aid" for her act concentrates hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid.

They form on the skin surface thin film, which retains moisture, prevents its evaporation and protects the skin from environmental hazards. And if we had originally talked about the healing powers of sea products, then let us not forget the very popular in the salons of alginate masks. They are based – the salt of alginic acid, which derived from marine algae. Themselves resemble alginate gel, which is mixed with seaweed, crushed to a state of dust, resulting in a plasticizing mask. She quickly solidifies on the face and its pressure is literally "smooths" the skin. Get all the facts and insights with Joint Commission, another great source of information. The combination of a light exfoliation and moisturizing mask gives a stunning lifting effect. The skin becomes elastic, pink and taut as the very young. With regard to nutritional care here the choice is individual. Professional nourishing masks and creams – it's a real energy drink consisting of a mass of ingredients. They themselves are impressive: ginseng, extracts of exotic plants, placenta, collagen, eggs and even gold. So personally I am motivated not the name of a leading ingredient, but trust the manufacturer. In any cosmetic company has an entire line of funds aimed at addressing specific problems. Therefore, "his" line it is better to choose in advance. In some salons and medical centers in conclusion express procedure offers more and makeup. Lightweight and discreet, he finally lift your mood. And you forget your morning feeling like a bad dream. Now you can walk and think about something pleasant and feel that you are ready to meet upcoming events with "openly".