The Secret Of Success In MLM

According to statistics, only between 3 and 5% of people that start a MLM business reaches the first year. Therefore, between 95 and 97% of these entrepreneurs desist you ever wondered why? What is the problem? The problem is that most of those who start an MLM business has not the slightest idea of how to do the Marketing of your business. There are hundreds of books that talk about the advantages and benefits of this industry and large fortunes that you can have, but almost no one tells you how to make that fortune. The encouraging news is that statistics also tell us that 95% of those who persevere in this industry, after 10 years reach the fortunes they dreamed. Where is the error? The error is in that 21st century can not work with tools and methods that were valid 60 years ago, when this industry began to develop.

The techniques that you said that you have that make a list of phones, hosting meetings, offer your business to all people, starting with your friends and family, now already not working. If you are not convinced, visit Anu Saad. Times have changed, the old strategies have become obsolete and are now irrelevant. If we do not update us and started using new technologies and methods, we will be one more within that vast majority of people who give up before the first year. On the other hand, Internet has now created a whole universe of opportunities for all, in which we can literally reinvent our lives and turn a simple idea into a successful business, with very little money and in some cases without any investment. What we have to do? Currently with the increasingly high number of people that join MLM companies, we have to do is be different differentiate us from others. How? If do not want to be one seller of your MLM company. If you want to be an entrepreneur, owner of your business and your time, the first thing that you have that do is to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the modern and competitive market of today and then you have to find a way to be invited to the world of your prospects as if you were someone special, rather than be avoided like a plague.

In today’s economy there are two options to build your MLM business: keep using the old method of telephoning and contacted a lot of people to achieve a sale, this is using the old and traditional survey techniques; and it is what 95% of people do. Or you can position yourself in the market so that interested persons to seek you and to contact you. You have to become an expert and a leader that others see as reference and want to continue. You have to become a magnet that attracts people because you have value in other words and as we have heard it many times: you become the prey, not be the Hunter.