The Nurse

474) .IC: Assistance DSC: ' ' You work pra completely recovery of it, if plays n, makes of one everything, everything, attention exactly redoubled the entire time, I very charges of the team the privacy understood, this everything is humanizao ne. Demand an uninterrupted assistance of bigger cares. The humanizao comes ne above all. then to the times you imagine that the care is the same, but thus the assistance, the nursing assistance, is differentiated is the nurse who is responsible for everything this, is the nurse whom it sees. Our profession, is cuidar' '. The professional makes use of the essence of the profession that is to take care of, the humanizada, worthy assistance to the patient who if finds so fragilizado at this moment. While professional of nursing we have that to contribute so that the essence of the human care, as sensitivity, knowledge and so said art to take care of either fulfilled and if does not lose, but that it improves to each day (HISSES et al, 2005). The care of nursing has as objective assistant the people in the search of ways that give to them direction, so that they draw out and they renew the forms of being and feeling themselves healthful through care of itself (et HISSES al, 2005) .IC: SentimentoDSC: ' ' You to see to each day gradual the day to day patient if recouping pra me are rewarding, because you see the patient arriving of that serious form you you see the whitewashing of it you are very rewarding, my feeling in relation to this you are good you are well rewarding. the pleasure mine to see this patient there to you to leave does not have, does not have price is one rewards as soon as knows there does not have money that it pays understood, does not have money that it pays the satisfaction to work.