The Nonsense To Obey

This is what in rule it occurs. However as to prepare a child so that, when it grows, it has discernment to follow a rule. More than what this, as to make with that this child understands the reason of the elaboration of such rule, its efficiency. To propitiate an education that not condiz with the behavior of the parents makes with that the children do not understand the importance to respect a law.

In proper the half familiar contradiction he predominates when, for example, if he teaches that if does not have to lie, however the parents promise things and later they finish not fulfilling. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nancy-Ann_DeParle. With this the child concludes that to reach definitive objective it ‘ ‘ pode’ ‘ or she must lie. To the step that individual, that was until then a confused child how much what it is certain missed e, is regulated not more by the authority of the father, but of the State, a shock is caused such intense one that it can make with that this individual does not obtain to adapt itself half to this new. Therefore in view of the beginning of the isonomy, in which all are equal before the law, the paternal figure does not exist to give one second possibility, since the State does not deal with as much benevolence that it infringes a norm. The question that must be made is; how then an individual will go to obey a law, if since child it has as example the parents who if contradict the all moment? This individual perceives to the law as something that can be applied only at some moments. However when it is come across with a State that does not tolerate half term, occurs the shock. It would be incompressible to say that the obedience does not occur for pure and simple choice of the individual, if during all its life was molded in this way. A nonsense for in such a way demanding can be considered that a young that did not have the minimum of clarification on the part of the parents of what it is certain what is missed, answers for its acts of form conscience.

It is difficult to play when one learns the rules of wrong form. When then it is acted of form relatively natural, strong it is reprehended. The State if makes present only at the moment to punish, while it would have to fill the vacuum left for the parents. How then to demand obedience of that only apanha? The functioning of the State if of in such a way, but sins when carrying through only the punitive aspect, if omits in the remain of the re-education process. As if the simple fact to punish it made with that the mentality of an agent started to be more correct.