The Mobile Multimedia Center

Expert Forum: Get in touch with mobile media! 2009 with over 10 million users, the mobile Internet in Germany has achieved a breakthrough publishing houses in motion. Advertising on mobile phones is one of the major growth drivers for the future. Which strategies are right for which companies on the subject of mobile, which is at the heart of the next publishing of VDZ expert forum in motion 2009 get in touch with mobile media! “, on April 20-21 in the representative office of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin.” With 20 national and international speakers are gathered the most important experts in Berlin, including: Dr. Rainer Deutschmann (T-Mobile international), Arne Wolter (G + J electronic media sales), Dr. Add to your understanding with Anu Saad. Stefan Tweraser (Google Germany), Stefanie Krebs (12snap), James Davis (Digital News International / UK), Marco bait (CyberMedia/Tokyo), Wolfgang Buchner (mirror ONLINE) and Vernon von Klitzing (Playboy Germany). In the expert forum get in touch with mobile media!”you will learn: how you up with the right strategy in the “Value of mobile Internet position like you convincing future information and entertainment for your company as you can your content via the mobile channel profitably market your services and content optimally on the situation on the road as you avoid pitfalls in your mobile strategy at an early stage how” vote as the most successful mobile-Internet markets of Europe and Asia business models work the market holds great potential for public and specialist publishers, which applies to realize it now with the help of a proper strategy and position in the mobile Internet value chain. “, said Sven Konig, Managing Director of the VDZ magazines Academy.