The Bamboo Code – Grow Faster Than The Competition

The growth of Turbo – so you make your own economy grow faster than the competition, the goal of any business. Yet many companies fail to strategy development with the result that strategies are simply copied and unthinkingly applied. The bamboo shows a promising way out of Christian Kalkbrenner consultant with his new method”. With this procedure tailored growth strategies, can be in a short time exactly on the genetics”of the company tailored to develop. In his novel he shows with his interdisciplinary approach from management, behavioral research and commercial communication such as company systematically faster growth than the competition. Same whether an industry is booming, stagnant or shrinking it comes ultimately always more efficient to grow than the competitors.

Which means conquer markets, attract customers and settle permanently from the competition. Often propagated copying methods and strategies is little purposeful – companies, products and markets are too different for that. Christian Kalkbrenner demonstrates a solution for businesses of all sizes in this book. He combines classical strategy models with approved methods of behavior research. With its interdisciplinary approach, it allows any company to develop a tailor-made growth model. Practical and with many reflection tutorials this book points the way to an own unique growth strategy: the bamboo code.

This seven-digit key contains all the parameters for a fast and sound growth. High practical relevance the individual routes are described in the book do not dry, but vividly illustrates the example of Wurth industry service GmbH & co. KG, a company of the Wurth Group,. The result was absolutely amazing. By determining the bamboo code for our company we learned for example, we can increase our annual growth using the right measures from 20% to 40%. Many decisions intuitively taken in the past have through this new perspective also be proved strategically absolutely right”, so stock farmers. The Marketing Director of Wurth industry service GmbH & co. KG was so excited by the bamboo-code process that now takes part as a co-author in the book. Wurth industry service GmbH & co. KG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wurth Group. Period of 15 years, the company was 60 employees now 800 workers has increased. The company provides well-known industrial companies production lines today process and customer-specific delivery processes with production and maintenance material throughout Europe. This book shows the reader: how he can combine the most important growth strategies, which objectives and strategies to his type of business best fit, how he made 25 growth codes determines the positioning of revenue-enhancing for him with what instruments he can systematically identify growth hurdles and master, efficient control of the growth process as he and can accelerate.