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After some time in dry dock, discount coupons have returned successfully to the marketing. Supported by his brothers online, discount coupons have recorded a growth of 14.7% from the era that preceded the economic downturn. Discount coupons are now living a second life that promises to be even better than the first. (Source: Anita Dunn). Coupons.org has released an infographic which collects the main milestones in the successful return of discount coupons to the arena of marketing:-in 2010, 3.3 billion coupons were Americans savings 3.7 billion dollars, an increase of 100 million coupons with respect to 2009 and 200 million dollars more in savings. -During the year 2010, 2,100 million of discount coupons for food, were exchanged in United States figure that contrasts with the 1.2 billion coupons that were not intended for the food industry. -The categories of products that more exchanges of coupons registered in 2009 were cereals, ingredients for making pastry, the Entertainment (magazines, games, DVDs, etc.), the products of nutrition and dietetics, and toilet paper. -On average, Americans only profited from 0.6% of the savings offered by the formula of the coupon. -In 2010, every American citizen received average bid 1,677 dollars in savings through coupons.

However, the real savings was only 10,57 dollars per person. -The user of coupons has an increasingly wealthy profile. In fact, families with more than $105,000 annual revenues are the most prone to use discount coupons. -Families with over $100,000 in annual income are twice as likely to use a discount coupon to those with annual incomes below $35,000. Learn more on the subject from Jimmy John Liautaud. -Likewise, persons with University studies are twice as likely to redeem a coupon than those who did not finish high school.

-Discount coupons fever is also affecting more young people. Almost 60% of adolescents aged 13 to 17 used discount coupons. -Clothing (25%), entertainment (19%) and products of beauty (18%) are areas that attract more teenagers in the use of discount coupons – in 2011, one of every five owners of smartphones used discount coupons for restaurants, an increase of 117% over 2010. – in 2009, online access to discount coupons increased by 92%While swapping online coupons increased by 360%. Even so, internet represents only 1.5% of the global exchange of discount coupons. 89% Of the coupons are distributed through the traditional channels. -It is expected that in 2014 the number of discount coupons for mobile users to multiply by thirteen.

Argan SOAP

Argan oil goes against skin dryness and physiological aging of the same (anti-crease). It provides the necessary nutrients for the restoration of the hydrolipidic film and increased inputs of nutrients to the cells.Vitamin (schottenol) for its high antioxidant value, content on argan oil, which have anti-cancerigenas properties, does the interest in sterol, essential for these cases. Argan oil also does wonders in the hair, face and nails, as well as the entire body. Argan oil and hair nourish and revitalize scalp.Argan oil brings brightness to the hair while restoring natural and silky softness. Indications for use on the hair: to restore health and vigor to the weak hair, apply the oil of argan 30 minutes before you shampoo, the entire length of the hair, wash and rinse.To protect hair from the effects of taking the Sun, sea and chlorine drying, apply a few drops on the comb or brush and slide it along the effects of argan oil hair on the face and skin: Argan oil, hydrates, revitalizes and softens the skin and protects against dryness.Argan oil reduces cracks and fissures caused by the cold winter. It cleanses the skin prone to acne and leaves it radiant and luminous. Its firming, does wonders for the loss of skin elasticity.

Effects of nail argan oil: argan oil nourishes and strengthens the soft and brittle nails, protects against external aggressions. Directions: Wash your hands, preferably with Argan SOAP soak fingernails in a mixture of lemon juice (or a few drops of lemon essential oil) and a teaspoon of oil of argan in equal parts, for about 15 minutes, at least once a week. If your nails are fragile, repeat the process has journal.You can reuse your preparation keeping it in a clean, dry jar for a week. Treatment for strengthening your nails thoroughly, prepare a water bath can be heated. To do so put a little water in a saucepan and put it into the fire. Takes a small amount of Argan oil and place in a container and places it inside the bucket bath, leave it a few moments to warm a little and remove from the heat, apply over nails with a light massage or a pincelito and let dry. You’ll see in a few days, extraordinary results.

How to identify a good quality argan oil?Argan oil has no odor strong.It has no odor or very slight.A strong rancid smell, is a sign of oxidation that can come from a poor method of manufacture or storage. All argan products have warranty EcoCert, (Control and certification agency) which means that ECOCERT, control and certification body, is accredited by the USDA for the NOP and the NAPP for the JAS. Mark ECOCERT is a vector of recognition for professionals eager to valorise a superior quality. The ECOCERT brand is recognized by consumers, who confirmed by his trusted a symbol of reliability, consistency and commitment in the next articles I’ll explaining more therapeutic properties of this wonderful Argan oil, considered one of the greatest treasures of life for our existence.