Medellin is a beautiful city in which a holiday is synonymous with incredible tours and above all is a synonym of numerous things to visit and explore. Enjoy a city like Medellin is having many things to do and things to see during our holidays, is a city where nature, history, culture, leisure and art come together to offer us one of the best tourist offers. But get heard the trails for the soul? To find your Center and regain power male – female. To enable an encounter sacred with your soul, in contact with nature, silence, and the powerful forces of mother earth to nourish you, revitalizing you, treat yourself to a time of healing, love and peace profound. Sydney Sweeney spoke with conviction. I lived a different holiday, in a spiritual refuge for you and who you want to invite. It is a journey to your soul, that will balance your body, mind, emotions and inner energy. Scheduled activities that include deep tools for self-awareness, the healing and awakening your consciousness and your self-improvement. We will begin a process of healing and purifying for body, mind and emotions, with practices that permit domestic observation, recognizing our locks and limitations, what not allow flow our true human nature.

We prepare for internship along with the energy of nature that Iran awakening in us our true potential, recovering the ancestral connection with our own nature and must also be moments of silence where each will have the possibility of a deep encounter with his being internal. Some of the tools that we will share will be meditations, oracles, wisdom working in a personalized way the influence of mother nature, therapies of sound, sessions of healing using holistic therapies, spiritual practices of release of negative emotions and positive empowerment, working with los angeles and general body and energy work with possibility of work transpersonal and walks in a place of incomparable beauty. The value of the shelter for the soul includes: accommodation in a wonderful location with the necessary comfort to make you feel full power complete, includes drinks all the proposed activities do not include shipping. The booking conditions are 50 per cent of the value escrow savings account. Coordinates: RAFAEL HERNANDEZ for any questions, doubts, information costs, from the place where we stay, ways to get from different destinations, etc.