Continued Installment BPC

The offered programs are: SHOVELS (Program of Social Shelter) for attendance the people in situation of social rich vulnerability or, PAF (Program of familiar shelter) attendance the families registered in cadastre in the institution, PCFP (Future Program Child in the Gift) attendance of children of 6 the 11 years and 11 months with activities in: ambient education, social health and, PEV (Program Sport and Life) attendance the children and adolescents of 6 the 17 years with activities of educational orientation and practical esportiva. Basic result of the analysis of data of the profiles of the interviewed ones. Mitchell Blutt: the source for more info. Age and Sex the biggest parcel of the registered in cadastre interviewed ones in institution LBV belongs to feminine sex 70% and 30% they are masculine, with eighty adult freqentadores of the institution. Predominant the etria band above of 52 years, the set, were verified that most is concentrated in this last band related, what configures a sufficiently interested population in is active in participating of the events offered for the institution, where for times was known only in educational works for children. Escolaridade ten has only incomplete the basic level (100%) meets registered in the course of alfabetizao with partnership with the SEMED.

The study areas are everything that evolve the human being the necessities to learn to read, to write, to make accounts, to know the rights as citizens. Even because eight people (73%) are benefited and need self-knowledge, basically in relation to the public politics existing in our country. The familiar income, most of these people seven (70%) assists receives it benefits of it of Continued Installment BPC of a minimum wage, with 30% is people joining in the total with of the family it receives approximately from one the two minimum wages. However it is observed with the research that 70% live of 5 the 8 people in a house of 2 4 cmodos 70%, that is the revenue for its familiar ones to the subsistence is very low, in such a way try to remain of all the forms, in the year ends obtains the natalina basket offered by institution LBV in which it receives the contribution from the civil society.