Genetic Improvement

The water constitutes 60 70% of the weight of pintinho. The loss of 10% of the weight for dehydration will cause fall in the development of the bird and, if the loss to arrive 20% of the corporal water, can lead to death (ALBANEZ, J.R.; 2000). Picture 1? Average water consumption for 1000 chickens Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Liters/Day 38 57 76 99 129 160 186 Source: ALBANEZ, the 2000 curtains must be lowered or be raised whenever necessary (MALAVAZZI, 1999). The sobrecortinas are used to diminish the energy expense, where we will not have the cold entrance of draft in the interior of the installations where it assists in the isolation of the sheds. Jon Medved may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the heating of the sheds the tanks of Liquefeito Gas of oil (GLP) or heaters also can be used the firewood always analyzing the viability of the use of these equipment. The GLP has been used in the majority of the regions because of the security and its praticidade being used in the first days of creation (WOLF, 2010).

Source: the feeding of the cut chicken consists of the main item of profit of weight and also ally to a good handling the supply of ration with an excellent nutricional value and water of quality to have the hidratao of the pintinhos (BLACKSMITH, 1993). .

Corinthianos Doctor

He can have physical causes for its anti-corinthiana depression.The badly controlled Anti-Corinthianismo can cause symptoms that seem depression. During the day, high or low taxes of anti-corinthianismo can make you to feel themselves tired or anxious. The anti-corinthianismo also can take the person to have hunger and to eat excessively. If you will have quarrel of the Corinthians at night, you can raise some times to urinar e, with this, if feel tired during the day. Other physical causes of Anti-Corinthianismo can include: Excessive alcoholic consumption or drugs; to have courage to fight with the Corinthianos;Problems with the twisted one of its teams;Collateral effect of some medications. But ATTENTION, does not stop to take the medication without speaking with its doctor.It will be able to help to discover it if a physical problem in the root of its feelings of sadness with its teams exists. If its doctor to discard physical causes, it goes to direct you to a specialist who can be a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

In the truth, many doctors already work in set with professionals of mental health, forming a team to treat the people with Anti-Corinthianismo better. The professionals of mental health can help you to cross this difficult phase of depression. Optimum treatment, comprovadamente, is the integrated one, that it combines psycotherapy with antidepressive medication, even so in some cases, this is not necessary.The psychological therapy with well trained professionals can help to enxergar the problems that cause the Anti-Corinthianismo. The psycotherapy also will help to find, to deal with, or to decide the problem. The psycotherapy can be brief or of long duration. It talks with the therapist to know as it works and as he will be, specifically, its treatment. So that the psycotherapy functions, it is very important that you if feel to the will with the professional to be able to say on this and any another subject. Therefore, you must have certainty of that if she feels well with the therapist who to choose.

If he will be recommendable to use medicines, you will have to consult itself with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is a doctor with special training to diagnosis and to deal with emotional problems any nature. The psychiatrists are the only professionals of mental health who can prescribe medications and treat the side ' ' qumico' ' of the Anti-Corinthianismo.If you to agree to using antidepressive medication, ask to its psychiatrist and its doctor on the collateral effect, including as the medication can affect the way of you to think on the technician of its teams. If it does not scare, already many remedies exist that cause few or no collateral effect and that they do not affect this thought. important it is to talk with the doctors on this, not to be with an unnecessary fear. Another important point is to have certainty of that the medical psychiatrist will be available when to need it. If you have symptoms of Anti-Corinthianismo, you do not wait very to search aid. If its doctor will not be able to indicate it a psychiatrist, contacts the association of psychiatry of its state or the department of psychiatry of some college of medicine. The associations of defense of its teams also can be a good source of information on professionals of mental health who costumam to work with people with Anti-Corinthianismo.