Going to be really a very difficult task if not impossible to find a way to optimize our websites for specific criteria, while search engines are providing increasingly personalized results. For a basic reason that we will not be able to know the personal data you collect google. The Metrics We tend to optimize and improve the position or ranking of a site in search engines main goal, but the blockade of screening programs and customization in the results are good reasons for not worry about it. Services. Actually, we should look at other metrics more relevant in terms of ROI as the following: – Change traffic from searches. – Change in traffic from keyword searches. – Change in conversions from search traffic. – Change in conversion of traffic from keyword searches. – Etc..

These metrics for example, give us better information than the rankings in search engines. But it can go beyond determining the quality of traffic from search engines it produces. Take one of these metrics and analyze the bounce rate, time spent on the site, repeat visits, etc. .. These metrics will not tell us much individually, so, we must focus on a comprehensive process in which we take into account all the variables that the metrics for themselves. “Decreases the bounce rate of a web page after it has been optimized for a specific keyword? So this is a sign that users are finding what they seek. If the bounce rate is increasing while we do SEO, we might be working a wrong keyword.