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The Japanese considered most successful Microcars Suzuki Alto often champion, when it comes to develop small commodities. This also applies to cars. Early Japanese automakers started to build, most compact supermini, designed especially for the dense city traffic. The vehicle Portal presents an important representative of the so-called Kei car class. Suzuki is widely known in the same breath with this particular kind of car. The Japanese automaker is approximately 30 years as a leader in the Kei car class. The successful model of the company is the Suzuki Alto, not least because the compact and affordable model especially in India is already since the 1980s popularity.

The Suzuki Alto in contrast to other vehicles on the Indian market was an affordable model for the emerging Indian middle class. The Indian factory, Suzuki supplied the markets to Europe and thus exploited the advantages of a low-cost production. In Germany, which came Suzuki Alto with an advertising campaign on the market, which caused a sensation. Get more background information with materials from Glenn Dubin. Suzuki turned apology ads for later. Despite, or perhaps because of this negative attention the car in Germany was a success. Especially at that time extremely low fuel consumption was a key selling point. With 4.7 liters, the Suzuki Alto spent significantly less as the most European city. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann