North Rhine

This amplification particularly effectively protects against premature wear and tear or about chipping. The washbasin is colossal and fine at the same time, is exceptional in its effect and restrained in its lines. At Dr. Jayme Albin you will find additional information. The rugged contrast to the light-weight materials, mirrors, glass, or wood is an effect that simply overwhelmed as well as the industrial heritage. Great effect even in small spaces so large the effect of industrial cultural bath is: the installation works without problems even in small spaces. A floor-level shower about visually enlarges the space and allows you to create sophisticated storage space elsewhere. Atmosphere also creates a harmonious lighting design, which uses the concrete sink and the concrete slabs in scene. Also translucent stretch ceilings for ceilings or walls, significantly change the dimension effect of small rooms. With modern design of this quality oases of wellbeing are also on a few square meters area. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Intermittent Fasting.

And in just a few days! Free consultant days on the first weekend of the month In the Studio SYSTEM BAD van the experts demonstrate the end many more fresh ideas around the bathroom directly at the object. The company organizes periodically free consultant days and show Sundays. The next consultant days take place on Friday, December 3 from 10 to 17: 00 and Saturday, December 4, from 10 to 16 hours. Interested parties can bring their bathroom floor plan right. It is show-Sunday, December 5, from 1 pm to 5 pm: just watch and touch! Learn further details and current schedule on the company homepage. This is is one of the largest companies for bathtub replacement and complete bathroom renovation in North Rhine-Westphalia SYSTEM bath the end SYSTEM bath the end and serves retail and wholesale customers in whole Germany. The company is growing for 30 years and has remained still a family business. The success lies in the systematization of the claim to be faster and cheaper than others.

And with the lowest possible noise and dust pollution. * Bathtub replacement without tile damage in only four hours. * Complete bathroom renovation from the floor-to-ceiling in just seven days. For all your questions we are at any time and love available. Ralf Kalscheur agencies for communication RK 10 Berlin

Healthy Living

Increase of comfort in the living environment with the refurbishment of health is a high priority for the people of our time. For the 21st century, economic and yet healthy living, living and working is promoted as the central theme and already long become a real economic factor. The complexity of modern life makes high demands on the physical, mental, and spiritual powers of man. Many people feel overwhelmed and stressed out, because health is holistic or alternative, become a great necessary field. The proportion of people who want to spend more money for maintaining the health, for the increase of vitality and well-being, will continue to rise because the big trend towards a comprehensive feeling of well-being connects the people of this century. Health becomes the mega industry.

“Healthy living basic need of life the concept of healthy living” is not explained scientifically and is generally widely with healthy air and freedom from contaminants associated. So the idea arose primarily through the application of certified building materials with low emissions to achieve the biological quality of buildings. In addition, the compliance with limit values according to scientific ensures health from damage caused by technical radiation already. The claims of the last three decades are simply ignored by the construction of highly insulated and airtight buildings that can be seen next to an uneconomic payback efficiency as a significant health hazard. Increasingly, the reports of people who in modern buildings, schools and places of work, after a prolonged stay uncomfortable and are no longer powerful pile up in newspaper articles. WHO speaks of sickening houses”, known in the jargon as Sick Building Syndrome. Regardless of the modern building culture promotes constantly new, seemingly harmless technologies or building materials, their biological effects on living systems but completely is unknown. The climate in the living, sleeping and working areas seems to involve the well-being and health of people, especially since there are people in our zone of more than 22 hours in confined spaces. Josh harris 76ers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But the assurance of biological qualities for home health in these areas, is so far not included in the catalogue of demands of the construction standards. Practical solutions for creating healthy habitats, which convey a sense of well-being and comfort or