International Canine Federation

When he learned that one of our staff – canine education, cynological organization Varna and Dobrich approached us with a very unexpected request: write a series of articles devoted to the relationship of man and our brother smaller. Frankly, to my great regret, we have made sure that most people do not consider the dog for a friend. Many do not even know how to care for and take care of your pet. Let's try to understand what is out itself is a dog. Click Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for additional related pages. Since ancient times, there is a dispute: where there were dogs. Charles Darwin put forward a hypothesis that in our time is not confirmed.

However, deserves attention. In his view, the progenitor All dogs were wolf. There is another version: the progenitor of the dog – not a wolf, but at its morpheme, which is close to the wolf creature. Proof of this is that the dog quite easily crossed with a wolf. But their offspring did not stable, and the second generation there is a clear division between dogs and wolves. There was no single case where the offspring of wild dogs would be like wolves. The domestication of dogs occurred about 10-15 thousand years ago.

And the first domesticated dogs, most likely, there were guards and hunters. d Mullen). And only after many years there was a clear separation of species, depending on their destination. In Europe today officially recognized 10 groups, which registered with the International Canine Federation (FCI). We will not now consider each group. Let's delve a bit into history. Ancient Egypt. Dogs are deified. On the walls of the tombs of the Pharaohs carved mural depicting the Pharaoh Hound. It's amazing that this breed came to our days, virtually unchanged. God Anubis – the patron of the dead – is depicted with the head of a dog. And the center of the cult of Anubis – the city Kinopolis (translation – a city of dogs). According to Herodotus, the owner of the dead dogs had to wear mourning and shaved their heads. In ancient times in countries such as Iran, India and Mesopotamia, there was exactly the same cult of the dog As in ancient Egypt. The Mesopotamians believed that the bridge through which the souls of the deceased fell into the underworld, guarded by a huge chetyrehglazaya dog. If we turn to the great works of Homer, we see a description probably the very first case of manifestation of canine loyalty. Old dog Argus no difficulty in recognizing his master, whose appearance has changed. The army of Alexander of Macedon also found a place for dog: huge mastiffs, encased in armor with spikes, along with people involved in the battle. In Japan, archaeologists have discovered a written certificate of training the dogs, which was written 4000 years ago. In medieval Europe's most respected enjoyed hunting breed. These dogs were worth even more slaves. Since ancient times, black dogs, like black cats, were considered the embodiment of evil. In the tragedy "Faust" Mephistopheles takes the shape of a black poodle. In the Alps monks of the monastery "St. Bernard" grown very beautiful and intelligent dogs, and they, in turn, helped the monks to seek and save buried avalanche of people. With the 19 th century to the present time the number of species increased by several times. People learned how to properly care for their pets. Around the world are all kinds of dog shows. And to become a champion or winner of this exhibition no less an honor than to win an Olympic medal!