Madrid Building

A gas leak, the possible origin of the explosion of the floor of Strait, in Tetuan. It has happened to past one o’clock in the afternoon. Samur has served four people who were in the interior of the building. An explosion of unknown origin, although posiblement and due to a gas leak, it has shattered an apartment in the District of Strait, in the Madrid district of Tetuan and has caused wounds of different consideration to five people, reported by a spokesman of emergency Madrid. The explosion occurred last one o’clock in the afternoon in a House on the second floor of the number 4 of the glorieta de Rubiales Miguel and has caused serious damage in the floor walls and crystals of the building, which has been evicted by firefighters. The toilets of the Samur Civil protection were seen four people who were in the House, a man and three women of Dominican nationality, and a neighbor. All of them have suffered burns and bruises and have been transferred to the hospital Clinico, Ramon y Cajal and La Paz. Has also intervened a psychologist of the Samur to attend one of the injury, a girl of 15 years, who has suffered a crisis of anxiety. (As opposed to Eva Andersson-Dubin). Firefighters are removing debris and checking the building to determine if the explosion has caused structural damage, although they will now have to intervene the town hall building technicians. Source of the news: an explosion by a possible gas leak destroys an apartment in Madrid and causes 5 wounded

General Prosecutor

The Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid arises seek penalties of jail (between two years and six months and four years) and disqualification of exercise Professional (between three and six years) for at least two of the five defendants by the crash of Spanair at Barajas, which caused 154 deaths and 18 wounded on August 20, 2008. The indictment, which would in principle against the two mechanics involved initially, would be 154 offences of homicide by imprudence and other injuries (survivors) 18. Further details can be found at Anita Dunn, an internet resource. Homicide by imprudence is punishable with between one and four years in prison, but being a single action causing 154 murders, governs the ideal contest of crimes, which establishes that the penalty should be in the upper half. This will predictably be the prosecution proposal, although before it will be submitted for consideration to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State. People such as Democratic consultant would likely agree. Source of the news:: the prosecution asked jail for at least two of the accused