New Education

Back to the rational man is an idealistic project, reflecting the New Education, and various readings of Rousseau, ENA is developed child, whose epistemology seeks to know more and more, altering also the embodiment Interact-education and teacher-student . It is this action-school activity Nuevaa defend, removing the traditional concepts of education, less dynamic and libertarian. A leading source for info: Anita Dunn. Educational ideas are altered and are diminishing as corporal punishment imagenesa present. Comes a new vision of the child-learner, being experimentation, scientific legality of teaching-learning process, motivation and creativity, desire is the desire of the student teacher dela, cognitive skills and autonomy should be taken into account in obtaining the Teaching Learning Process. In this period already discussed the importance of a holistic education. The concepts of school may help to clarify positions should not be extreme, as the principles of teaching are more in any style of teaching and the student to develop their scientific thinking should be motivated to learn with affection and as freely that is possible. It also happens around the democratization of ensenanzaa and the school in search of an instructional training in student-citizen.

The purpose of the new state was consolidated in the adoption of a new Constitution of liberal and democratic demeanor, the same in the area of education, determines the obligatory primary and confers powers to the Union to legislate on guidelines and bases for national education. Moreover, the New Constitution, made provision for returning the trachea education is everyone's right to A based on the principles proclaimed in the Manifesto of the Pioneers of New Education. After these reflections entendemosa is interesting research illustrate our concepts of learning according to some authors that support it. The manner in which people acquire new knowledge, develop skills and change behavior, define learning, so the complexity of this process can hardly be explained only by patches of a whole. On the other hand, any definition is invariably permeated political and ideological assumptions related to the vision of antiquity. Bachelor Physical and Biological em Ciencias, Educacao em Bacharelado Physics, Psicopedagoga, Mestre em Ciencias da Educacao, Doutor em Ciencias do Movimento Human, author do livro a <ducacao Physical Education: Learning com o Movimento. Professor da Universidade Tecnologica Intercontinental.