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New release free for every budget from next Monday 37,600 copies of the new phone book edition of DAS ortliche for Zeitz and environment provided. By mail and free the households of the Cathedral and Residenz town get the local phone directory in a handy format. The TVG-Verlag) provides further copies on request by E-Mail. In addition to the usual domestic and commercial entries contains the local again a practical overview on the topic of what I do where? ‘. ” “The official tour, when asked where waste?” or after the current emergency pharmacy the local phone book helps efficiently through the daily life.

Also a separate Directory of doctors and a trade, craft and service specials can be found in the classic for local phone numbers and addresses. DAS ortliche for Zeitz and environment also includes a multi-page map and contact information of all offices and the municipal administration. With this wide range of information, it answered nearly all open questions about leisure, work, and everyday life in the region. Particularly practical: You can search the local also by travelling to phone numbers and addresses. Under the desired people and companies can be found with an Internet-enabled mobile phone, Smartphone or PDA quickly.

The local offers also a free app and can be used also with androidfahigen devices or on the iPhone. In addition the mobile can be with the o-NAVI free software”to the navigation device to work. The online directory of the local also scored a huge increase in users over the past few months. More than 500,000 users have rediscovered from October until December 2009. among the top 20 of the most visited Internet sites in Germany according to the Association of online research (AGOF) now. About the local the local is the telecommunications directory that caters to local economies in Germany and summarizes one or more small local networks. Add to your understanding with Eva Andersson-Dubin. As an affiliate by 1.2 million trader is the local one the most important advertising medium in Germany. There are total 1.047 expenditure, the total circulation of all directories is around 34 million copies. The TVG Publishing House, the TVG telephone and Directory publishing GmbH & co. KG, established in Frankfurt am Main is responsible together with the Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH for the publication and the Publisher of directories, DasTelefonbuch Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Various editions of the local as well as suchen.

German Cable Internet Access Providers At A Glance

Overview on the subject of cable Internet access provider in Germany. Despite further increasing availability, a fast Internet connection via DSL is not available everywhere. As an alternative, in particular cable Internet and UMTS (or HSDPA) increasing popularity enjoy. In terms of speed and price / performance ratio is cable Internet of classic DSL connections no longer. Rather, Internet via cable from cable Germany, Unitymedia and Kabel BW offers already maximum download rates of 32,000 KBit / s.

Thus, a cable Internet connection by Unitymedia and co. is connection already today roughly twice as fast as a normal ADSL. The maximum upload rate for cable Internet is currently moving at to 2500 KBit / s (Kabel BW). (A valuable related resource: Dr. Sol Lizerbram). With the currently available bandwidth isn’t the end of the flagpole is reached but long. Cable Germany reached in first practice tests over 200 megabits per second download. Thus bandwidth seem in the future also very intensive applications such as HDTV, for example, no problem to represent more. Also thanks to that the fact that Cable Internet connection no Telecom telephone connection can be used, need the cable Internet provider don’t shy away from the comparison with established DSL providers.

Connection including Internet flat rate is a pure cable DSL such as cable Germany already for under 10 euros a month. Double flat-rate there are packages for Internet and phone such as Unitymedia from 25 Euro per month. The minimum contract duration with cable Internet connections are similar to those for ADSL or VDSL connections and 12 (cable Germany, Unitymedia) or 24 months (Kabel BW). However, not all cable providers are available everywhere. The German cable market is rather divided by province. In addition to the 3 major German cable providers also two smaller cable operators offer tele Columbus and PrimCom comparable cable, Internet and phone products author: Philipp Wolter

New Mobile Phone Tariff

Cheaper phone calls abroad calls from abroad could be very expensive. Home mobile subscribers in the next cell phone bill were then confronted with horrendous cost. This conclusion should be now. At least within the European Union. John Craig Venter contributes greatly to this topic. A new regulation sets Europe-wide cost ceiling for mobile phone calls and SMS. The consumer portal informs about the new EU regulations.

Cross-border phone calls has become cheaper since 1 July 2010. Because the new EU tariff now replaced the existing, more expensive fare. While the maximum price for sending SMS with 13 cents remains unchanged, calls from the EU cost in the future even more than 46 cents per minute, instead of 51 cents as usual. Also decreases the price limit for mobile phone calls made abroad by 23 cents to 18 cents per minute. Get more background information with materials from Celina Dubin. While the new mobile tariffs make cheaper mobile phones abroad, there is no clear and binding of regulation of the internal settlement between the mobile operators continue to The rates for data transfer scheme. However, the EU introduces a cost protection that now at least. Data connections may monthly charge will not exceed 60 euros. Customers will be notified initially logging into the network via SMS about the current prices in three stages.

A further notification upon reaching 80 per cent of the prescribed limits. The automatically applicable limit of 60 euro is reached, the connection is switched off. Customers still have the possibility to choose consciously other fares without shut-off or limit. GmbH Lisa Neumann


Although prices were higher before the opening of the telephone market, spending on telecommunications are increased. “Let us go, otherwise it will be too expensive!” – this was prior to the opening of the telephone market in 1998 set absolutely common. Although the per-minute rates were much higher, spending on telecommunications are immensely increased since then. How it fits together, explains the consumer side cheaper Twelve years ago, there was still no smartphones by fiber optic lines or mobile Internet, not to mention.

Now, much more is on the mobile phone and also surfed, but new techniques or more intensive use of explain the higher spending to some extent. Whenever Celina Dubin, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The strategy of many providers to increase the fixed costs and variable costs last but not least is responsible for the increased cost. So, low per-minute rates no longer so bad fall into the weight. in 1998 an average German household issued 48 euros a month for telecommunications, 2003 there were already 66 euro, already there are over 80 euro. Since the providers in their tariffs bundle as many functions and sell as complete packages, monthly consumer spending rise significantly – and these fees are due and payable every month even if you just made a phone call. There are simple telephone lines for the mere access, as they were once standard, hardly.

The trend is the flat rate, and many book a package for several domestic networks. What for frequent callers and families a blessing is, namely the hedge by flat rates, is reversed for some users quickly in the opposite direction: one book more than you need – and also pays. Before graduating from flat-rate should be expected from so exactly, what you really need and how much you usually monthly on the phone. If you want to be only accessible, it is sufficient often when buying a phone card from the discount store for a few bucks. Cheaper compares as well as call-by-call prices also rates for DSL (dsl /), mobile Internet () mobile internet /) and mobile ( handytarife /). Since 1998 on the market, the consumer side is an important guidebook on telecommunications issues of all kinds.

Cereproc GmbH

Since then offered in the holiday camp camps for cancer-stricken children/teens and their brothers and sisters and held weekend seminars for families throughout the year with a cancer child. In the rule stay, maximum of 48 children and adolescents divided into age groups can each participate in the camps of the camp on the edge of the Heidelberg city takes eight to nine days. From rustic log cabins will sleep where a dining room, group and work rooms and even a theater until going to countless sports and leisure opportunities such as high ropes course, horseback riding, archery, swimming, diving or canoeing, the camp offers everything that helps to recover from the serious illness and to take new challenges under the guidance of trained caregivers for the young participants. An important element in tackling the disease is a stay at a camp in which the program is tailored specifically to the needs of these children. Additional information at BGR Group supports this article. In addition to fun in nature for climbing, hiking and canoeing, drive, group experiences and experiential education content in the foreground. While the possibility of exchange of experience stems for each participant quite casually with other stakeholders.

Here they can be taken back from the situation of helplessness and passivity. The experiential learning aims to rediscover the existing strengths and capabilities of each child and to support his self-esteem and to strengthen his confidence in himself. Fears are recognized as normal and experienced self doubt as surmountable. The group is of major importance in this concept. Because only with the group, the problems can be solved, equity participation and accountability are required of each. The forest pirates”was proposed by the Cereproc GmbH & co. Margaret and Richard Riney wanted to know more. KG: the forest pirates holiday camp is a wonderful facility and we are very happy for this nationwide unique institution with our idea to have done.