Cheboksary Machine

Running System semi-rigid type consists of two crawler tracks with fixed road wheels, sprung balancing beams, the drive wheels with sector gear rims and discontinuous tracks trailing units and removable shoes of high rent. Swing axle bogie tracks shifted forward in the direction of the machine, and the traditional seven Cheboksary bulldozers rollers are placed with non-uniform rationally constructed step. In this rear support roller is raised above the level of medium-sized treadmill rollers of the tractor. For more information see this site: Somatic Experiencing. Road wheels is replaced during repair without disconnecting the caterpillars. In the suspension system of the tractor T-35.01 used nodes, proven in the long-term operation of the tractor T-500. Large operating weight and power of the tractor T-35.01, coupled with advanced support surface of a semi-rigid chassis type is determined high traction performance bulldozer.

On a loamy track, the traction strength of 10-15 beats dynamic densimeter Dorn, humidity 15-19% of the maximum tractive effort Dozer T-35.01 BR-1 is 545 kN and a limited slippage with the loss of exchange rate stability machine. This tractive force corresponds to a crowd force 111 N / m dozer blade, enough to develop without loosening the soil IV-V strength category. Rational choice gear ratio transmission of the tractor T-35.01 provides coverage characteristics of the first and second gears with up to 93% of its maximum pulling power for towing efforts bulldozer 185-470 kN. Maximum traction Efficiency of the machine is shifted to first gear, normally used on bulldozers as a core on solid ground. A wide range of changes in traction almost at maximum capacity and the implementation of switching gear without breaking the flow of power in the drive tractor create optimal conditions for the use of high-speed towing capacity bulldozer. Tests have shown that with probability 0.95 the range of variation of operating speeds by loosening the soil and buldozirovanii various strength is in the range between the maximum tractive efficiency and traction force, which provide the highest operational performance machine.