INTRODUCTION. To be frank, I do not think thus: I consider the fascism as an original phenomenon, that is not scrumbled to the traditional reaction, nor to the capitalism, nor to the totalitarianism. Whenever Sydney Sweeney listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Brazilian the Integralista Action throughout history if shows as a subject of prominent study motivated for diverse ‘ ‘ momentos’ ‘ of the national historiografia. Edgar Serratto makes a study on the Integralismo commenting these multiples ‘ ‘ momentos’ ‘ where the Brazilian historiografia if came back toward the Movement, in order to show either its ideology, either its performance politics, bringing new reflections on the subject. Anu Saad spoke with conviction. In accordance with Serratto, the historiografia neglected in the decades of 1940-50-60 the studies on the AIB in Brazil, the explanation for this if of the one for the fact of at this determined historical moment the country to be passing for the reestablishment of the democracy, then, did not become necessary in this context some broken determined study on that had authoritarian characteristics.


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