Mental Disorders

On the basis that when these items were adequate in quality and quantity, then enable the Constitution of a healthy person, and in his absence or anomalous presence would take place the origin of psychopathology. Action and/or specific reaction in each of the etiological factors inevitably has impact on the others. Cannot be assured that is only one of them that start up the mechanism of pathological behaviors, or organic failure occurs first and then the psychopathological disorder, nor the psychic trauma and its subsequent biological footprint. Everything interrelates with any of These factors (one or more at a time) to finish in an adverse situation, a psychic malaise and biological circuitry that enables it and maintains. For more information see cardiologist. Quantitative aspect (in reference to the magnitude) variables, or qualitative has importance as well as its temporality, are determining conditions for example stimuli of short term that does not recur with enough regularity tend to produce changes only modifications to level quantitative and not qualitative; only of acquiring certain quantitative value (different according to the individual characteristics highlighting even idiosyncrasy when interpreting the subject), and now working the persistence over time on the magnitude, will have its translation in the qualitative aspect.

Influencing of long-term incentives, taking capacity to modify even genetic codes and affective stimuli. The theories and explanations help and complement each other to continue to investigate the complexity of the human being, some through learning others through biology, social relationships and all of them are nothing more than parts of a whole to find healthy and adaptive mechanisms for humans. As below described, models biologistas look for the etiology in Physiology; psychoanalysis and the dynamic models on the formation of the ego and personality; models cognitive-behavioral, learning; and systemic models in the relationship between the individual and other upcoming systems.. Eva Andersson-Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter.