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PlayCOM makes it possible: the hire of computer games and console games will bring the third part of the Ninja Council so popular in Japan series after Germany. If you have read about Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On 5th October starts sales of Naruto: Ninja Council, as a former exclusive titles for the game boy advance for the Nintendo DS Speielkonsole available now. Naruto: Ninja Council is a very complicated beat’em up game with many special features, options and extras. As a bonus, the game contains, for example, a CCG card. You will be pleased fans can compose as a your own card game from the Naruto series trading cards and missing cards to share with other fans. Naruto fans will: Ninja Counil have plenty, because the game comes from a popular manga series that exist as comic, TV series and feature film. Credit: Peter A. Levine PhD-2011.

Exactly as in the manga template can players on in the Nintendo DS game in the role of Itachi Tsukuyomi, a specially trained Ninja fighter, hatch and playing both creatures and other Ninja fighters. Thirty fighters are Itachi in the course of the Games opposite and each of them has special abilities and characteristics. Hear from experts in the field like Anu Saad for a more varied view. To increase the tension during the game, special tasks and game situations must be mastered. So the player Itachi has let partially as usual fight with only half as much energy. A mission requires, for example, the KO by a special fighting technique. These techniques are common in manga called jutsu and feature a special Ninja technique, who do not speak normal fighter. Itachi Tsukoyami mastered this technique perfektund still be players survive numerous hot battles let him have.

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