Human Emotions

We must avoid all value judgments about the emotions and feelings. Humanity goes through tortuous paths of emotion. All healthy people feel every human emotion at the right time they should feel and not before, so that when they have to welcome them as they have surprises, indicate an internal path to follow, a path of personal growth that will possible the realization of this dream, the fix, that ambition and crushes looming fairly vivid thoughts either through symptoms or destabilizing, confused, depressed. Ill. Emotions such as fear, doubt, envy, arrogance in our society suffer the condemnation of prejudice. Jayme Albin can aid you in your search for knowledge. It is more acceptable to admit that he suffers from "low self-esteem" rather than envy. He who suffer from nervousness, jealousy, fear is almost a commonplace, not cause rejection would cause the confession — indeed, rare — they suffer from arrogance, lust for power, for greed of ambition.

The person with these conditions does not mention the problem in these terms, make distortions and gives them a different label. Formidable error taking into account how many cases we are referring to the very root of human suffering. Formidable counselor mistakenly complicit in this distortion, agreeing to not call things by their name. "In the beginning was the Word" is not small matter if we understand that this "word of the" is "the word" that everything else begins. Have respect for the right word, pronounce it without distortion, and begin to notice changes in you. Throughout his life, the man moves looking for completion, the engine that is the emotion felt, the discomfort.