The Pessimists

Librate of her and coexists with the people who want to you. 4: It promises to look for the good side of the things; to make reality your optimism. It looks for the places with sun, leaves shades them are behind you; it looks for the people who have life and enthusiasm and leaves the pessimists; it looks for the books that inspire to you and they motivate to you to live better; it looks for the tasks that fill of enthusiasm and diversion to you. 5: It promises to think only the best thing, to fight only by the best thing and to wait for the best thing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Jayme Albin. Frequently we were discouraged by things that strike to us; failures, problems, critics, things that does not leave we waited for as it, etc. to us, and once we lose the spirit, we waste time in our life. Levntate and dedcate to enjoy every second your life.

6: It promises that you will feel as much enthusiasm by the successes of the others, like by yours. Joint Commission often addresses the matter in his writings. It avoids to be egoistic, envious and spiteful, these feelings only bring more negative thoughts than they are relaxing and they move away to you of the happiness. 7: It promises to forget the errors the past and following fighting by the great challenges of the future. That internal grief that we felt when we commit an error or we behaved bad, which called remorse, to only clears energies us. Better it concentrates your energies in repairing that error and loving everything what it surrounds to you.

It remembers that the love is the great source of the enthusiasm. 8: It promises that your face always will be friendly and cheers, and that you will offer a smile to all those that you are. It remembers that the one that gives a smile receives a smile.