Each being can be inhabited by several eus, some forms to think and to feel. What I am speaking does not have nothing to have with the theories of multiple personalities, not. I am mentioning the diverse faces of the mind, of the innumerable sensations that we possess that for times it seems to be impossible that they live in one same one to be, but live. We have some unknown sides, until the moment where we give of face with them and we arrive to have the sensation that is not about us and yes of a foreign being that took pose of our body. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We can pass the life without having this notion simply or running away from it. It remembers the imaginary friend that speaks that all the children have? It always heard this, right? I also and believed until today. But now I find that the such invisible being nothing more is of what ours another side fighting to be heard.

When if she is child and not yet if it is contaminated by the terrestrial restrictions, distrust is not had or until fear can be said to leave that the diverse sides of one exactly being can coexist. But the measure that if grows in them is given the duty to choose an only side to occupy the official rank and the other or the others are obliged if to hide and to be treat as fancies to infancy. But who is that in the ones of the such obligation? Good question to try to answer, now does not need to be. But independent of the reply, what he interests is that it or they comes back, being able even though to assume council member and faithful roles allies. They can coexist the official side forever as facetas of the imagination and to be discovered for nobody or, already in a case of pure evolution of its owner, never be presented to the world.

Empty Adolescence

We are in an age where we have that to choose between two ways: to be Maria-go-with-the-other or to be bizarro. The great majority of the people that does not have proper opinion and that they want to copy the personality of the first person whom it sees for the front, if being become Maria-go-with-the-other. That exactly not liking such style of music, they hear because of the infuncia of ' ' amigos' '. that exactly liking such girl ignores, it for its friends to tacharem of something antonym ' ' gostosa' '. The bizarros are the minority.

They are those pupils humiliated for its colleagues for possessing high QI, if dressing different, hearing musics that like and studying! To have prpia personality is something rare of if finding between the adolescents. You who do not study more and have some mental health, if would scare if she entered in a college. Because it total is divided in tribes. I am part of a tribe. But she is the lesser tribe of my school. Two NERDs. It is what we have. Not! This does not mean nothing.

We think different. Very different. We are all adolescents. But probably if they put me pra to talk with somebody of Hip Hop, we do not teriamos subjects. Then We remain as we are

The Medicine

They are things that a family never forgets, no human being is capable to forget. Well, we have others ‘ ‘ doutores’ ‘ what remain livings creature in our memories, and TODAY, what it happened with our doctors, they do not bind more for its patients? The education seems not to be part of exercise of the medicine, the impatience took place in its day the day, the patient does not import more, the indifference is general, if we complain we are tumultuating the attendance, because we need to fight to be taken care of mainly well in the emergencies of our hospitals. The doctors had forgotten the oath made in the day the formation? The joy and the pride that its parents had felt? Therefore ahead of the attitudes of the majority, I am certain of that many parents if would envergonhariam of its children doctors. Still I see great doctors, true doctors in our city, but they are few. Our health is of badly worse, what to make? We have that to take some attitudes moan that some times have that to be through the shout, unhappyly. Please, our doctors come back to be ours ‘ ‘ doctors, who in them cause respect, pride and admiration! They are padroeiro Lucas of the doctors, great doctor and man of the Church, exactly that ‘ ‘ Doctor? he does not have religion, can be a great man, a great doctor, we go to follow the least one of the GOD orders ‘ ‘ To love the God on all the things and to next with you mesmo’ ‘ , because one day, with certainty, vocs will be patient, and then as it will be this in the future, if today vocs not to move of attitude. I still believe the human being, for this I believe that ours ‘ ‘ doutores’ ‘ they are good, they love its profession, they respect its next one, are only following the missed way, but still he has time to move and I am certain that vocs happyer and they will be carried through as professional if to follow the certain way. We go ‘ ‘ doutores’ ‘ we believe vocs!