Baby Cards, Announcement Cards, Christening Cards And More

“Birthday cards even anders – down immediately in the new online shop of daughter and son to design, not out of joy, the birthday cards for the own baby scheme F” match, and at the same time reflect the undying love of the parents about the new life in the family, daughter & son emerged. Further details can be found at Nancy-Ann_DeParle, an internet resource. A lovingly crafted online shop, which helps newly minted parents, your children failed to put in scene and introduce your friends and family with the first photos. The cards by daughter & son due to their design stand out: whether a wordy Declaration of love, a touch of spring, strong stripes and colour surfaces or on past days with nostalgic elements always encircle the clear designs a reminder the personal photos and words expertly. Due to the additional possibility of up to four different formats and up to 13 different colours for a map to choose a real one-off is guaranteed. In addition to the designs, customers benefit from many other advantages: on the one that Quality printing at affordable prices, and on the other hand the flexible implementation of individual wishes. Because, as every baby is unique, the wishes of the parents on the baby cards are as individual. Daughter & son translates the personal desires and stands with help and advice in all matters relating to the card. “So, young parents find sayings for birth varied ideas and suggestions for the text on the natal chart under the heading” and tips on photography “valuable advice for baby photography.

Daughter & son designed the perfect birthday card for each family. In addition to birthday cards, daughter & son designed cards for other family celebrations, such as baptism. As of August, then also very personal Christmas cards for the salute to family and friends for the feast of love can be found. Also invitations for weddings, birthdays or Silberhochzeiten are being planned and will be soon online. Linda Neuhofen (graphic designer) and Jennifer Behn (PR Manager) are about daughter & son daughter & son. Both mothers Linda by a daughter, Jennifer of a son that their joy in design and stationery have given a face with daughter & son. Jennifer Behn about her new baby”: daughter & son stands for birthday cards, which are notable for their design and quality. We help parents in their own personal way your new family member to introduce, say thank you and have a nice piece of memory.” You want to make yourself a picture? Drop on or order our press-pattern set under