Forgotten Legend: Ferrari 288 Gto

We do not often talk too much about cars Ferrari. According to popular belief, we prefer Fords, Citroens or Shevlole and look at the cars Ferraris as objects of passion. Rather, it is because the Ferrari is so worthy of the name, and have been so widely praised for their quality, that is no more to say about them anything else. Ferrari America and the Ferrari 360 Modena, clear, shiny cars, but they are so much has been written that we already know about them almost everything. The exception to this is the car now 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO. This supercar was a sensation which took place in February 1984 Geneva Motor Show. This car is a class "Gran Turismo" immediately got a flattering nickname of "real "Ferrari". It successfully combined the bright sporty looks, excellent dynamic performance of Ferrari road comfort and double cabin.

The car was designed and release for participation in the new racing series Group B Race. According to the rules of this series was to be issued not less than 200 vehicles. But as soon as Ferrari and Porsche racing series came in, she was already closed. Model Porsche 959 raced only three times, and the Ferrari 288 GTO – never. And all 272 released Ferrari 288 GTO remained not racing, and highways machines. In the early and mid-1980s, thanks to a new racing series Group B Race got a lot of beautiful cars. Racing cars of those years were one of the fastest and most technologically advanced road vehicle on the planet.