An opportunity (or need) leadership appears every time two or more people come together to embark on a joint task. Leadership is a learned skill that anyone can acquire, is the art of influencing others, working his enthusiasms and reach a common goal that can be called common good. We will not enter the detail of the definition of common good as philosophically is very complicated, but it is understood that this objective or common is the opposite to the needs or preferences of a single individual or group of them. There are clearly two ways to influence, through the power or authority. We all agree that authority is superior, moreover, leader that influences by power always has fear of the person who is the leader by authority. But what do we do when employees don’t respect us as authority?, do not using power and tell them: you have to do it or you stay without work?. It is really very difficult to work with people. A leader by authority comes to be that employees appreciate it, has respect and feel comfortable with him.

But must not never fall in to impersonate friend or Sidekick, that would be fatal. The leader must be correct, when there is no choice but must exercise the power and make clear that he was forced to take these measures. We are accustomed to see the hierarchy of a company from the general President in the sima to the front-line employee. Now let’s change our idea and say to the customer above, this would automatically turn the pyramid and would have something like this: customers > frontline employees > supervisors > Middle > Vice President > Presidents. The customer is therefore the most important thing for a company employee caring for you is the most important person in second place. Continue to learn more with: Jon Medved . What opinaria the President of this?.

The leader is someone who meets the legitimate needs of its people and removes all obstacles so that they can properly serve customers. Finally, a leader must have humility, affability, respect, generosity, forbearance, honesty, commitment. Difficult isn’t it? Comenza facing yourself and tries to acquire these values at the beginning will be an inexperienced but conscious, then over time you turn in a conscious experienced and when less accounts give you’ll be an expert unconscious. Be leader learn, nose born.