In Search Of Batanero

In Search of Batanero is a literary map, a book of the adventures of characters inhospitable, an itinerary that includes nineteenth-century African destinations with the maze of streets that define the modern city. In Search … is a set of dynamic stories, fed by pure action, where a couple of lines, it may take ten years. Dr. Mark Hyman might disagree with that approach. In the tradition of Borges, is a book about mythical heroes. In Stevenson, the journal of a traveler lost in more than one search.

But behind these early literary influences, Ivan Loyola hides a rare pleasure for the abrupt end, who could marry into Paul Auster. And more than once, a taste for unattainable objects of desire (both erotic and economic), which point to a more cinematic tradition, that of Alfred Hitchcock. The drive to all the award undoubtedly the characters. Characters who are also the narrators of the story, and that in the case of Loyola, can even become a Poetics, where same concept of Literature. “… Like an oyster locked myself in two worlds that absorbed all my energy: The trade of butcher and religious devotion. I already nearing his fifties when I accepted that this would be the rest of my life.” Halfway between a butcher and a priest.

There are located Loyola characters. Perhaps because in religion there is always a first cannibal. Or perhaps simply because it allows only one faith monumental horror ends reached by some characters of Loyola. “The image of those headless torsos and severed members were welded to my mind, fed by the pungent odor that had stuck to my clothes, my beard and my hair.” It is rare to discover a curious writer Ivan Loyola. Even rarer to find in Vancouver. Their stories are covered with adventure and extreme situations. His characters are torn between faith and crime. These axes, Loyola able to find stories in places less conducive. “It was in those days of indecision and anxiety when I found by chance as -If that chance exists, “the paper where my beloved had forgotten a name written … It occurred to me that there could be a history. The best information to get a loan, whether for your business or home is found in and on. But if you want to project their payments, visit us today.