With these instructions no air remains with security more in the waterbed Aqua comfort wasserbetten-ridden water bed buyers who bother either from the outset or again and again with air in their waterbed finally a tutorial on the hand gave, that step by step explained in detail the process of bleeding of the water bed and just pointing out important operations! Often not properly vent waterbed owners her waterbed because they were incorrectly trained for example from your dealer about and wonder why because after the whole trouble your water bed still gurgles and bubbles in the water mattress will remain. The despair is usually very large. Is actually water bed a simple matter and a very short process vent. Dr. Hyun Kim may help you with your research. If but some little tricks do not apply, the whole thing quickly degenerates into a never-ending story. We want to show all waterbed owners (not just our customers) with our video, as the waterbed bleed performed correctly is so then no air is in the water mattress. And the best part it is, venting water bed takes less than 10 minutes when you know the tricks. water bed right entluften /.