Saturday Voice

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– Guillermo? – Ask an imaginary unturned, covering her hair with his expression of surprise. “I see that now you’re a busy person,” continued the voice. “The people themselves learn to stand on our own,” he managed to say seeing it sideways quickly. “This bag weighs a lot,” said Wilhelm, “do you want me to drive?. – Wow. You seem to be the official magazine of high school, “he said hurtful, jealous to remember the gossip. Guillermo look at her. He knew the effect it had on her, he said.

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William Joseph

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Why his mother divorced and moved to Australia?. Why not end of William Joseph declararsele?. Half of the chocolate saw the girl standing in the middle of the sun. Dirty, skinny, with the face of defeat of the vanquished. She continued eating her chocolate and kept walking while watching sideways at the girl. Then came to assume apartment and went into his routine. His divine routine.

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