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The Syndrome of West is multifactorial and certain cases can have polignica sucetibilidade or can completely be ambient. In 80% of the cases it has cause of neurological injury and in this in case that she is secondary. It can be associated to other crises without being the espasmos. ‘ ‘ In many cases it is possible to determine the etiology of the syndrome: encefalites the virus, neonatal anoxia, trauma of childbirth, toxoplasmose, Syndrome of Aicardi, tuberosea sclerosis of Bounerville. In the presence of the Syndrome of West, an exhausting inquiry must be made: TC or RNM, test of testagem of innate errors of metabolismo.’ ‘ When the causes are criptogenicas: ‘ ‘ In children with metabolic or structural diseases of the brain (former.: Fenilcetonria, Tuberosa Sclerosis, etc.)? In children with not gradual cerebral injuries – sequels of prenatal infections, anxia daily pay or perinatal, meningites, etc – as in the case of the cerebral paralyses. In children who until the sprouting of the crises did not present no alteration or clinical signals of neurological deficit, nor alterations radiological biochemists or who indicated previous a cerebral disease. ‘ ‘ Had access day 09/12/2010 In the other article it points these: ‘ ‘ Isquemia before del birth enclosed during el the mismo.

Desrdenes inside del uterus, especially you infect as there toxoplasmosis, rubola y there los citomegalovirus. Disgenesias (desarrollo defectuoso) cerebrales. Desrdenes metabolic. Anomalas cromosmicas ‘ ‘ Source: But its etiologies are not diagnosised or easily recognized. 2.4) Statistics: It is almost always initiated in the first year of life, mainly between the 4 and 7 months of age. The masculine sex is affected, in the ratio of 2 for 1. Estatiscamente of each 3 boys for 2.