Operating Marble

This precious stone can not tolerate the neighborhood of cheap plastic or chipboard, covered with primitive film, but it goes well with metal, fine wood, glass. Buying marble countertops for kitchens, their owners should not forget that this stone is extremely sensitive to corrosion. Special formulations to help protect the surface from the effects of acid (lemon or apple juice, wine, vinegar), but still contact with products made of marble should be very careful. Mosaic Tabletops Tabletops of the mosaic – the most expensive and the most unusual, allowing a truly exclusive and unique interior. On counter may be represented by simple or complex pattern, flowers, animals, landscapes, still lifes.

The materials used by different species of natural stone: marble, onyx, malachite, serpentine, and others. Countertops mosaic can decorate any room in the house or to personalize the office, particularly when used on stands reception and immediately attracted the attention of clients and guests of the company. Caring for stone worktops Care stone table tops – is primarily a surface treatment of regular protective compounds that give the stone water-repellent effect and prevent it from contact with food. But precisely because of the possibility such contact is itself a means to care for the stone should be nontoxic and safe for health. Preparations to protect the tops of stone create a solid, quick protective film, which is easier to remove impurities and which will not allow spilled tea, coffee, fruit juice to stay on the surface as sunspots. For removing grease, there are special creamy paste. They are applied to the contaminated area, blocking its outline on the a few millimeters.

Then paste covered with foil, which is fixed construction tape. After one day, dried pasta gently scraped and cleaned surface protective cover-up. Even with accurate Operating tops on its surface over time may make small chips and scratches. Learn more at: Avi Mandel. You can fill them with melted wax pencil the same color as the stone. Once the wax hardens, nodules are cut thin blade and then carefully file away the damaged area a piece of woolen cloth or flannel. In no event should not be used for this purpose sandpaper: even the smallest skin can damage the surface Countertops made of natural stone differs deeply saturated color and the presence of a natural image, which is simply impossible to repeat. In addition, marble, granite, onyx and other breeds have a natural stone live energy, which creates a special atmosphere in the room. Countertops made of natural stone effectively accentuate the situation of residential houses, offices, restaurants, demonstrate the great taste of their owners and make the interior a truly exclusive.

What Does Konitsionirovanie Premises

If you live in a big noisy dusty town, then you're probably familiar with the problem of lack of fresh clean air. All this, and pushed mankind once to invent devices more ventilation. Then was invented air conditioning. The notion of conditioning includes such determination, such as processing temperature, purity, moisture, and proper distribution of air in the room. In indoor air conditioning Air is provided for maintaining a favorable climate for it and create an enabling environment for healthy human life. Carried out air-conditioning, to establish and maintain permitted or optimum air is known as a comfortable and artificial climatic conditions in accordance with technological requirements – process. Should be good air conditioning not only in any residential area, but also in business areas, such as in offices.

Lack of air conditioning the room leads to a bad state of health, makes the body tired and vulnerable, which will greatly hinder the working of the staff. With the help of air-conditioning can be supported by a favorable weather for you in the room all year round: in summer to escape the heat and in winter from frost. After coming home after a stay in the city, everyone wants to get into the most comfortable conditions, with a comfortable temperature for humans, fresh clean air, to feel good, and it's all possible thanks to modern conditioning. The blessing is that there are a wide range of air conditioning systems: a wall, floor and ceiling units, it allows the customer to choose what is most suitable for its interior.