Transpersonal Psychology: Health In Our Three Bodies

The benefits of addressing emotional health, considering the spirit and motor. In the beginning of life, is referred to the process of healing. E s a pleasure together with you this open space, where, since the timing, that the universe gives us, we can enjoy the opportunity to share thoughts on health. Health board always from a comprehensive perspective because we are unquestionably an indivisible unity of spirit, mind and body. In a question-answer forum Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. was the first to reply. As in an orchestra, when all the musicians tuned their instruments executed with the director, the beautiful result is a beautiful and perfect melody that delights us with its harmony.

The same happens if we let our spirit directors a conductor of our lives, allowing this to be the engine that guide us and commands, with the wisdom of Truth and Light that contains. Let us know when there is manifest harmony in depth, drawn with the beautiful strokes of Love From that quiet place, our health will emerge radiant and above all things will remain permanently installed. Reconnecting with the laws of the spirit. There is a law of the universe that comes from above, which says: The spirit is mainly due Mind-body depends. If we regain our health, harmony and prosperity, we need to reconnect with the loving wisdom, from which we were created, transmuting the principles of our materialistic culture that have only been sick. Back to the origin, which points to the advantages of starting a cleanup job: 1) purifying our mind, if it were the rising of a river, 2) Then, our psychological, clarifying our emotions, feelings, beliefs and so on.