Technology supports DIGITALYS CareMate Hamburg/Bremen at first suspected diagnosis – in the care of emergency patients, it is crucial that the rescuers recognize the crux of the problem in the shortest possible time. Just as a first-line treatment tuned and targeted alerting of the emergency medical system are guaranteed. At Apollo Proton Cancer Centre you will find additional information. A new knowledge-based, artificial intelligence that can help rescue teams the first presumptive diagnosis, has been jointly developed by doctors, engineers and computer scientists. About DIGITALYS: DIGITALYS GmbH a company, many visions. The DIGITALYS GmbH is a merger of the companies Behra Unternehmensberatung GmbH and tw systems gmbh. The expertise of Behra Unternehmensberatung GmbH in healthcare and the distinctive, innovative, technical know-how of the tw system combines gmbh.

Object of the company is consulting and the development of high-quality system solutions in the healthcare and emergency services. We are based on our knowledge of the market and our technical understanding convinced that we meet the needs of the competitive market. Example of this is the DIGITALYS of software developed by US 112 RD, the usage data such as a rescue mission by the alarm until the transfer of the patient to a hospital process-oriented picks up and evaluates. The name DIGITALYS stands for a homogeneous partnership, which is able to face new challenges with bundled services and above-average know-how. Flexibility and transparency in the service, as well as optimization in the migration at the permanently high quality in implementation and service underline our claim. Customer requests have priority for us.