Successful Management

The man who wants to see everything clearly before you decide, never decides. Henri Frederic Amiel Nobody knows what he is capable until he tries. Publio Sirio What makes them different to managers in achieving their success, what are those characteristics that distinguish successful managers? What skills are fundamental requirements for a good manager? Do you consider yourself a successful manager? Where do you have expressed their failures that have hindered your achievements? Could be relevant questions in terms of defining the profile should have a good manager in terms of the basic skills you need to handle. Dr Jee Hyun Kim may find this interesting as well.

Remember, as quoted by Israel Fermin, Crosby (1988) defines management as “the art of making things happen.” For its part, Krygier (1988) defines it as a body of knowledge relevant to the effective management of an organization. At present, there is consensus among many authors, noting that the term management can be defined as a process involving coordination of all available resources in an organization (human, physical, technological, financial), so that through the processes of planning, organization, direction and control are achieved its goals. In this way, we can identify three key aspects such as defining the management process: first, the coordination of organizational resources, and second the execution of managerial tasks in administrative and / or also called means of achieving coordination and, thirdly, to establish the purpose of the management process, ie we want to go or what we want to achieve. Before proceeding further we need to know why and when management is needed, what it does and how.