State Registration

Probably every entrepreneur who knows what state registration ooo faced with the task of choosing a name of your company. And the correctness of this choice is often dependent on the success and prosperity of the enterprise. Let us examine what should be the name. Here, Somatic Experiencing expresses very clear opinions on the subject. AP 1, Art. 4 of the Law on Limited Liability Company says that the company must have a full company and may have an abbreviated name in Russian language, as well as full and abbreviated name in the languages of the peoples of Russia and (or) foreign languages. Full official name in Russian should contain the full name of the company and the words "Limited responsibility ".

This means that society must necessarily have a full name in Russian, but a question of availability of abbreviations and full names in different languages solve the founders. Glenn Dubin wanted to know more. That is, such names of the society can not be. There's also say that corporate name in Russian society can not contain other terms and abbreviations, reflecting its organizational-legal form, including the borrowed foreign language, unless otherwise provided for by current legislation. What does the ban words such as Co., LTD, GmbH, etc. In accordance with Clause 3, Article.

54 of the Civil Code in registration LLC Company name of the company stated in constituent documents, and given the society by its founders. In addition to the above titles may also include other restrictions. In accordance with Art. 138 Society of Civil Code can not use the name under which the already registered in accordance with the law different society with a legal form, since the brand name, along with the trademark are the means of individualization of a legal entity and intellectual property recognized. Society in accordance with the Decision of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation of 14.02.1992 2355-1, the can not have in its name the words "Russia", "Russian Federation", as well as the word "federal" and formed on the basis of their words and phrases without the consent of the Government of the Russian Federation or, in extreme cases, the Government Commission. The word "Moscow", the names of districts of Moscow, as well as derivatives of words and phrases, including including the reduction can be used with the permission of the interdepartmental commission of the Moscow Government to issue permits for the use of state symbols of Moscow. Company, engaged in some regulated by law, special activities shall indicate the nature of their work by including the names of specific words. For example, the word "bank" in accordance with Art. 7 of the Banking Act should contain all the companies received a license from the Bank of Russia for banking operations. Moreover, if the organization is engaged in other activities to use in its name the word "bank", "credit institution" or otherwise in the name of celebrating its right to conduct banking transactions can not. There are currently no special orders registration of a trade name current legislation does not provide. It all comes down to making the name of the unified state register of legal persons, together with other data in the legal registration of the LLC. That is the trade name should be considered as registered with the registration of the company.