Speech Recognition – Voice Days

School classes can human-machine communication test Wiesbaden – the’s popular toy robot of of Mindstorms by LEGO moves and can perceive its surroundings through sensors. Scientists from the University of the Saarland have taught even speaking to him and developed a voice response system that is easy to use which is especially suitable for the classroom. The system DialogOS, created by the CLT language technology ensures communication with the robot, a spin-off of the computer linguist Professor Manfred Pinkal by Saarland University. The software with graphical user interface is designed for teaching at universities and supports LEGO MINDSTORMS as well as other similar kits – programming skills are not provided. In a short time, small dialogues can be made to the robot to give instructions or to negotiate with him the next action. The interface to the NXT brick, the brain”of the robot makes it possible that language commands are implemented directly in movement programs. So, the robot reported what he sees or feels about its sensors. He then asks for the information he needs for his next actions.

Integrated speech recognition and speech synthesis makes it possible to try out the dialog in a natural conversational situation directly: this is an important criterion for the acceptance of automatic systems. Man should control complex devices with his everyday language. Often that is not the case. Since you must adapt the restrictions of the machine and that quickly leads to frustration,”Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge white in Berlin. With the LEGO robot, there is the possibility to test the application possibilities of speech dialog systems. Only in this way you can build your fears and inhibitions at the human-machine interaction.

The project should be nationwide in all schools the usage”, calls for language dialogue expert Pape. Also view is the use of LEGO building blocks to study computer science and the school of Bernhard Steimel, spokesman reinforced Voice days, a fantastic opportunity to language technology in products of everyday use. Who today buys a video device, mobile phone or a camera, must fight only cumbersome way through menus and manuals. It would be better if you could just say the new device, what you want from him and indeed, how you would talk to another human, so Steimel. The Conference of Voice days documented the State of the art and the future of the automatic speech dialog systems”, which this year takes place in Wiesbaden, Germany. “” All classes, the chose the theme of human-machine communication “be interested in, you can free the exhibition of the Voice days” visit from 15 to 16 October 2008 in the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden: we provide for students and teachers special guides, to learn how one conductor ‘ of man-machine communication is. As a professional language dialog designer has knowledge of music, Sounds and voices bring, to insert it as acoustic signs. We show the junior staff, engineering and research for artificial intelligence are as important to make it more usable technology for people: disabled ticket machines, navigation devices without key, service robots in care for the elderly or the development of virtual personal assistants. Experts from the Fraunhofer Institute, the German Research Centre for artificial intelligence and representatives of major technology companies in our industry are the students as a point of contact available”, so Steimel.