Sjogrens Syndrome

Women with Sjogre syndrome improves your quality of life living with Sjogren’s Sjogren syndrome syndrome, is a disease that affects your whole body. But since when this unwanted guest enter your body? Sjogren’s syndrome is a disease so difficult to diagnose that it may take more than 6 years to know that this unwanted guest this living inside of my and is called Sjogren’s syndrome. Sjogren’s syndrome is an enemy silenciosoTu to I you ever wondered from where this this little intruder inside my? As it is possible within my body without even warn him? As it is possible that doctors not have seen it? Sera that apart from being silent is also invisible to the eyes of doctors? Sjogren’s syndrome is difficult to diagnose by that resembles many diseases, like a chameleon, takes the colors and texture of other diseases confuse doctors and oneself also. Sjogren’s lSindrome is a very astute enemy, so much that it confuses our immune system, and you believe that one’s own body is the enemy, doing this than rather than defend us forces enemy that we can do harm, turns against our own auto atacandonos body. Sjogren’s syndrome is a silent enemy, that despite being inside my body not I had given features of the.

It is quiet that despite being within me, not me had given account of damage that you this doing to my body, as for example… as it is possible that around this time not me had given account that I was, doing my own defense system to become against me, and were causing harm to my exocrine beds, which are responsible for the production of moisture and mucus that my body needs to work properly. I have to admit that Sjogren’s syndrome is an intelligent enemy, and astute worthy of representing the world’s best power, since I could deceive to me and all the doctors that I saw before and not could know that Sjogren’s Syndrome was living inside my. Women with Sjogren improvement Tu quality of life living with the syndrome Sjogren your comment is very valuable for me, help me to help other women with Sjogren’s syndrome. your friend Celia farewell it but not before porfa a happy day God bless you improvement TU quality of life yet living with the syndrome of Sjogren if you want more information about sjogren’s syndrome visit my blogs also will find a free report the sjogren’s syndrome and 30 tips to help care for your dry mouth and dry eyes completely free.