To make a fake tan look natural,it should fulfill some conditions: Apply self-tanning to thoroughly cleaned and with a sponge or scrub the skin. The line of hair around the eyebrows, on my knees and elbows apply a thin layer. Wear only when the vehicle is completely absorbed. Continue to learn more with: Jon Medved. Because sunburn is manifested only in a few hours after application avtobronzanta, it is better to conduct this procedure in the evening before bedtime. Avtobronzant can applied once every three days – fake tan goes very quickly. Plush shag

The sun and salt water make hair dry and brittle. Therefore, in the hottest time of year must go to the “summer” products for hair – shampoos, conditioners, sprays. Additional information is available at Anu Saad. They contain ingredients that protect hair from uv and salt water. Many people put off a haircut to return from leave, believing that from sea water and sun hair condition, and hence their appearance view, it is still worse. But experts advise to visit the hairdresser before a trip to the resort: in this case the hair will be more resistant to the forces of heat and salt, and the probability of the tips section will be reduced to zero.

Well executed haircut will allow you to do on vacation without packing: just wash your hair and just give your hair dry. For unruly strands exist balms, which are applied after washing. To increase of hair can use a little gel or spray for styling. Virtually all large firms produce a special hair cosmetics so-called “Beach” series. Dye your hair and make perm better after a vacation or some time before him. These procedures – stress on the hair, as well as the effects of the active sun and sea water. Both together could have a devastating effect: the hair become dry and lifeless. In addition, wet-paint strands under the influence of the sun can change the color. Breathing perfumes and mists In the heat of all the smells are felt more clearly, so the scent is better not to use it, and go to the toilet water with lungs with fresh flavor. Going to the beach, it is desirable to completely abandon the perfume: sunlight bergamot and other essential oils contained in many aromatic drugs, can cause pigment spots. In summer it is particularly important to choose the right deodorant. It is better to use the odorless: in them is greater than perfumed deodorants, the percentage of bactericidal and components, so they do not drown out the smell, but just do not let it appear. On the active sun is recommended not to use perfumed sprays: they can increase sensitivity to sunlight. The same applies to antiperspirants: blockage of sweat glands in the case of sweating can lead to the formation of edema.